Refresh Valet

Refresh Your Car With an App

As I sat there in my apartment procrastinating on the thought of cleaning my car, I ran through the possible options in my head and wished there was a better way. Car...
Squirrel App

Squirrel App, ‘Put’ Your Goals In Buckets

There’s an old saying – “a goal that’s not written down is just a wish” and it holds to be true. If you fall into that quote, not to worry! This Brisbane startup Squirrel has set...
Norwood Systems

Norwood, A Smart Way To Travel

It's no wonder why everyone loves to travel. You get to see new things, sample exotic delicacies and meet interesting people. Norwood is a conveniently cheap way to chat to people when you're...

Uber Competitor Launches, Accidentally Means A Bad Word In Another Language

Today, I was shocked to read on Startup Daily the announcement of a new car app called 'Shebah.' I wasn't shocked by the idea of Shebah or the great journalism that Startup...
Property Developer HQ

PDHQ – Buy Property Together

Have you noticed that real estate prices are really high? There are plenty of startups in the property space - usually focussing on home loan deals, renting and buying. Property Developer...
Top4 Partners With Crazy Domains

Top4 – One Platform For Business, Brands and Consumers

For any type of business, it can be hard to get noticed on Google search. Top4 wants to change how brands get customers. Have you ever hired an SEO agency? With the hope...

Hack Productivity With Hapi – Oh, And It’s Not Another App!

There's a new trend setting in to help you kick ass at getting stuff done. It's not another productivity app, it's called Hapi. And, it wants to change how you work. Have you ever...
Tayble App

Tayble – The App for People Who Love to Order, but Hate to Wait

Look, it's been a long time coming, and the whole hospitality industry needs a shakeup. There are plenty of players in the food & drink space, especially in Sydney. Tayble wants to...

Task Pigeon is Your Very Own Personal Whiteboard

The world's workforce is moving towards a freelance economy. With this landscape shift, Task Pigeon wants to change how teams get stuff done. Have you ever worked for a company that has weekly...
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