A lot of work goes into planning events. Sometimes we never really pause for a second and don’t realize how much time is put into these events. Caternow wants to make it easier for you to order catering.

Have you ever tried to organize a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate event?

It is very time-consuming and frustrating to find the right food caterer. Customers spend a few hours searching on Google, then have to call caters to discuss things like menu and price.

It’s hard to compare quote and finalize the booking, all-in-one-place. Caternow wants to change the process of finding caterers, stress-free with its marketplace platform where people can search for food caterers based on their postcodes or suburbs – and get a list of local services nearby.

Once you like the menu, all you have to do is order it online and let Caternow take care of the rest. Caternow serves both residential customers and corporate clients and operating in every major Australian city.

Caternow was founded by Divyesh Amipara, Murray Raeburn and the team is based in Melbourne.

Amipara has more than 10 years of industry experience and formerly grew Snippick to $350,000 revenue in under 2 years and Snippick was acquired for an undisclosed sum.

Raeburn is also an experienced marketer with over 12 years experience in a ranging from brand management, insights, sales and digital marketing.

It all started when Divyesh and his wife Trupti were looking for a vegetarian caterer in Ivanhoe, VIC for their daughter’s birthday party.

They couldn’t find a suitable caterer and ended up cooking the food for the event themselves.

Later realizing that if they had problems to locate a food caterer, then other people must be experiencing the same problem as well. That’s how Caternow was born.

The event catering services (corporate events, private events, and weddings) market is valued at $530M and is growing with an annual growth rate of 3.2%.

While there are other players in the catering delivery market like Orderin, Caitre-d, and Yowsi – Caternow plans to be the ‘Airbnb’ for food catering.

Since Caternow’s launch, they have more than 40 catering partners, many corporate clients and residential customers, great feedback and over 6000 page views per month. With word fo mouth referrals, they’re growing at a fast rate.

Due to growth, Caternow is planning to further expand their service. And is in talks with investors and now planning to close it’s round soon.

To date, Caternow has been bootstrapped and all revenue has been reinvested back into Caternow.

Amipara says, “To all aspiring startup entrepreneurs, focus on your idea and don’t let any other noise divert your focus from your startup.”


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