There’s a new trend setting in to help you kick ass at getting stuff done. It’s not another productivity app, it’s called Hapi. And, it wants to change how you work.

Have you ever had that problem where you get distracted all the time?

You might be studying for an exam and for some reason, can’t focus and remember things.

Or, you’re at work trying to balance between emails, phone calls, and meetings.

But what about if you could just take a Hapi tablet and focus? You can get things done faster, increase concentration and feel more alert.

Another way to think of it is like the energy drink Red Bull. You take a drink, and it increases your energy.

The downside to Red Bull is that it’s full of stuff that isn’t so good for you, or your heart.

In Sweden, there was a girl dancing in a nightclub. She drank two cans of Red Bull, her heart stopped and died.

An unfortunate tragedy, showing that energy drinks can be quite dangerous if they’re misused.

Hapi is different from Red Bull and it’s completely safe.

It uses natural ingredients that have been clinical tested and approved by the FDA and TGA.

All of Hapi’s products are vegan, gluten and pesticide-free.

There are two main competitors Omnit who additionally sells personal fitness items and apparel – to Nootrobox.

Most other companies in the industry are selling unregulated products, which are not supported by clinical studies, nor approved by regulatory bodies.

Unlike these companies, Hapi puts safety first and ingredients fall under the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

Hapi makes money by charging customers $39 AUD for its ‘Flow’ product. You can choose to buy Flow individually or as a monthly subscription.

And, it ships internationally too.

By 2017, cognitive enhancing supplements are expected to generate $3.3B per year.

This little niche market is growing fast, and it’s no wonder why college students, office workers, and programmers use Hapi to increase their productivity.

The seed investors include OptimOZ, a company in the same industry and – StartXCapital, a boutique angel investment firm.

Hapi has not disclosed how much was initially invested.

All of the funding that has been taken on so far is being used to fix scalability issues. Things like supply chain, maintaining a constant supply of stock, and R&D.

The core team is made up of John Mitchell, Adam Karlovsky, and Jack Allocca.

It all started with a personal problem, Founder and CEO John Mitchell had. When he was seventeen, his hair was falling out.

Mitchell was underweight, unhealthy and sleep deprived.

From an early age, Mitchell became interested in biohacking and started to optimize his body so he could work better.

Much the same way as Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body experimented on himself to lifehack his productivity – Mitchell experimented on himself too.

That’s how he discovered the perfect formula to work better.

Have you ever seen the movie Limitless? It’s about a copywriter who discovers a top-secret drug. And, it gives the writer superhuman powers.

This particular movie triggered the idea for Hapi. After watching Limitless, Mitchell went straight to Google for answers.

And, he found that the search numbers showed that there was a real demand for a product to improve productivity.

According to Mitchell, “We’re not a group of biohacking enthusiasts, we are stricly professional. We have two expert researchers: One who holds a PhD in Neuropharmacology from Melbourne University and a health nutritionist from Monash.”

Their team is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and is planning to expand Hapi into the $3.3B global enhancing supplements market. Get Hapi!


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  • Paul Towers

    Its interesting to see another startup pop up in this space in Australia…. I certainly agree that the potential market is quite large, however, I would caution against people thinking these are a one size fits all pill to success.

    By and large a healthy mind and body starts with good sleep, nutrition and hydration so before you look to just “take something” I would encourage people to get those three areas of their life sorted first.

    On a positive note Hapi looks a lot more affordable that some of the other products I have seen on the market and advertised across Facebook.

    • I honestly don’t know enough about the market. But with the statistics and trends, it appears to be growing.

      A few years ago, most people had not heard of “nootropics” but with movies like “Limitless”, it’s becoming more popular.

      I actually chatted to a friend from the States about this. He graduated from a top college in America, and it was surprisingly common for University students to take supplements during exam periods.

      If that college trend grows, likely they’ll continue to do it during work as well (example, a long project, or a difficult task etc).

    • Hey mate, thanks for the comment. Founder here.

      I agree with you 100%. In fact, we bash our industry, along with the general pharma and medical industry pretty hard.

      We’re all about holistic wellness, and believe that 99% of people should not take cognitive enhancing products (initially, at least), and rather they should get all the fundamentals right first (sleeping well, eating right and exercising regularly). A solid baseline is important, as pills should not be used to compensate for poor lifestyle habits.

      We don’t just say this sound nice, either, we actually write about it and have it in our long term vision.

      Here’s two example:
      1. https://blog.gethapi.me/the-truth-about-nootropics-aka-smart-drugs-5e53c6dea071#.gzp8zxeq6
      2. https://www.gethapi.me/vision

      We also encourage people to take our 5-day holistic wellness program before trying our product, which you can see here: https://www.gethapi.me/wellness/go

      As we continue to go forward, we’re releasing a holistic range of products that cater to each area, as well as more info + services around getting the fundamentals right first.

      I hope that clarifies what we’re all about!