Did you know that most news headlines are negative? The real kicker here is … newspapers are doing it on purpose.

But there’s good news, IdeaSpies wants to change the way you see the world in a positively new light and replace the bad stuff with daily good vibes.

Picture walking into a supermarket, see a large queue, and there’s a person in front of you complaining about something.

It could be the line, or it could be the heat. Whatever the case you probably didn’t realize that these negative scenarios do affect your mood.

Would you prefer to wake up in the morning hearing about a car crash? Or would rather find out about a cool 3D home that was built in 24 hours with $10,000?

According to BigThink, “If you see a thousand stories, you’re going to focus on the negative ones, and the media takes advantage of this.” IdeaSpies is the exact opposite to the big media sites.

Imagine if you could see inspirational ideas being introduced around-the-world in one place, explained and rated. It helps people to start their day off happier. You can read, vote, and share positive ideas to kickstart your day.

It’s a place for people to find inspiring ideas happening every day made up of real projects, businesses, and ideas in action.


IdeaSpies was founded by Sydney-based entrepreneur Lynn Wood, having served as a Board Member for various profit and not for profit organizations, wants to make the world a better place by sharing inspiration.

Wood got the idea for IdeaSpies whilst she on holidays in Vancouver, when a tour guide said, “Promote what you love, not bash what you hate” and IdeaSpies was born.

“IdeaSpies are observant people who care about the world and can make it better by sharing clever ideas happening around them,” says Wood.

To date, over 1000 ideas have been posted to the IdeaSpies platform. Recently, the platform has expanded its product offering to large corporations, encouraging innovation, creative talent and online team collaboration.


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