Being one of the world’s largest social networks, it is no surprise that many people look at Instagram as a great way to make money, whether it is a brand trying to sell more, or an individual trying to build a following for any specific reason.

There are many ways to become successful on this social network, from buying Instagram views to developing a nice and full operation strategy. To achieve the latter, there are actually a number of things that need to be done if the strategy is to be successful – here are some of them.

Communicate with your followers

Responding to all followers is a complicated task, but trying to be sociable helps a lot. If you have lots of comments, try using hashtags to answer some questions or even respond to some of the comments people make on your photos.

Establish a limit of publications per day

Instagram is a tool for posting photos and short videos, but that does not mean you need to post hundreds of photos each day. In fact, you should choose a few photos or videos to post per day and, if there is something that demands a huge number of photos and such, try the new “carousel” feature, or publish one photo alone and put the rest in another social network or even your blog.

Publish photos with good quality

No one deserves those dark or overdone photos, so only publish great pictures. Remember, the social network is growing and if you want to draw attention from your followers to a certain subject, your photos should be at least well presented, creative and with lots of quality.

Publish in the right timing

Like all social networks, Instagram also has its peak times, so avoid posting outside of these. There are some tools which allow users to schedule publications, so use those for a better management.

Avoid Instagram’s camera and its filters

Instagram’s very own camera and its filters only strip the quality of your photo, so avoid them. There are many other editing apps that produce a more natural result, so go for those instead.

Hashtags increase engagement

Know the type of hashtag to use. Discover your target audience, focus on a subject and use common sense. Going to a photo and have dozens of different hashtags is anything but fancy, and may confuse your followers. Use up to 5 hashtags that relate to the subject of the photo.

Be yourself

Put personality in photos, tell real stories with them and know how to win your followers. You can have multiple followers without having a good Instagram, but having faithful followers who really look at your photos is the best recipe.

These tips focus on quantitative results but, when we are dealing with business profiles, the important thing is to attend to the desires and needs of our audience, choosing carefully each image posted and interacting constantly with the public. Weigh everything and try to make your own strategy, and it will surely be filled with success. For more on this, check out Foundr’s free ebook.