If you want to be an entrepreneur, there’s way too much startup jargon. You’ve got, UAC, LTV, CAC, product market fit, pivot, traction etc.

So, we’ve decided to put together a useful resource list as a general go-to-guide for first-time founders.

Validating your idea or product

* A guide to validating product ideas with quick and simple experiments. (Grace Ng, Smashing Magazine)

* The startup pyramid. (Sean Ellis, Startup Marketing)

* The five whys. (Courtney Seiter, Buffer)

* Tools: QuickMVP, LeanMonitor and Javelin Board.

Conducting surveys

* How to interview your customers. (Justin Wilcox, Customer Development Labs)

26 resources to help you master customer development interviews. (Zach Bulygo, Kissmetrics)

* 34 ways to improve your survey response rate. (SurveyAnyplace)

* Steve Blank’s customer discovery checklist. (Steve Blank, SteveBlank.com)

* Tools: Qualaroo, SurveyMonkey, SurveyAnyplace and Typeform.

Establishing networks

LinkedIn groups every startup founder should join. (Luke Fitzpatrick, LinkedIn Pulse)

* Facebook startup groups, Reddit, HackerNewsDigg, DribbbleGrowthHackers and Quora. (Various)

* Meetup groups. (Official Website, Just Search “Startup”, Meetup.com)

* Tips: Get out and meet people, both offline and online.

Growth hacking

* How do you market an Internet startup with no marketing budget? (Josh, Ledgard)

* After the Techcrunch bump: Life in the “Trough of Sorrow.” (Andrew Chen, AndrewChen.co)

* 87 growth hacking techniques. (Ryan Law, Cobloom)

* Startup marketing. (Sean Ellis, Startup-Marketing.com)

GrowHack. (Conrad Wadowski and Matten Griffel, GrowHack.com)

* Tools: Yesgraph, MaitreApp, SmartBribe, AnyGrowth and Guessbox.

A/B testing

* The story behind Buffer. (Tessa Miller, Lifehacker)

What Is A/B testing? (Unknown Author, Optimizely)

* A/B Tests big wins by Kissmetrics. (Lars Lofgren, Kissmetrics)

* Tools: Kissmetrics, CrazyEgg, Mixpanel, Unbounce and Optimizely.


* Minimum Desirable Product (Andrew Chen, SlideShare).

* 5 Lean startup examples. (Brant Cooper, Moves the Needle)

* 10 Ways to test if your MVP is a viable product. (Scott Gerber, ReadWrite)

* Tools: Canvanizer and Rapps.io.

Forming partnerships

* How startups can land big partnerships? (Tom Taulli, Forbes)

Uber offers gets merchants to pay for your ride. (Josh Constine, Techcrunch)

* Disruptive Business Modes by Harvard i-labs. (Michael Skok, Harvard Innovation Labs, Youtube)

* Tip: A great course on Business Development for Startups. (Scott, Britton, Udemy).

Building a strong team

* How to build your startup team? (Ryan Allis, Startup Guide)

* Airbnb, hiring values and culture  (Sam Altman, Startup Class).

* Startup teams operate on different wavelengths. (Luke Fitzpatrick, Ghacklabs)

* Tip: Read 101 Hiring hacks for startups. (Michael Overell, RecruitLoop)

Understanding metrics

* 15 Great articles about SaaS product management. (ChargeBee)

* Your 10 most important metrics. (By Tomasz Tunguz, VC at Redpoint)

* The complete quantitative guide to judging your startup. (Techcrunch)

* Tip: Take the course “Build. Measure. Learn” (Udemy, by Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Dave McClure, Janice Fraser and Ash Maurya). The course is free. Pirate Metrics is also a must read (SlideShare, Dave McClure).

Burn and churn

* A high churn can cause your business to crash and burn (George Deeb, Entrepreneur.com).

* What is the right level of burn rate for a startup these days? (Mark Suster, Both Sides of the Table)

* Searching for signal: The how and why of financial models for startups. (Paul Bennetts, PaulBennetts.co)

* Tip: Startup Growth Calculator (It shows you how much capital you’ll burn through before you become profitable). The code is also available on Github.

User acquisition cost (UAC)

* How to calculate cost per acquisition for startups. (Andrew Chen, AndrewChen.co)

* Rookies mistakes on CAC. (Mark Suster, Both Sides of the Table)

* What’s your real CAC? (Carlos Eduardo Espinal, Seedcamp)


* Detailed definitions of SaaS metrics. (David Skok, For Entrepreneurs)

* Startup metrics: Don’t let your SAC get WACC. (Andrei Marinescu, 500 Startups)

* Starbucks LTV Infographic. (Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist)

* ToolsValuiza and Chart Mogul.

Pitch decks

* Mint pre-launch deck. (Hiten Shah, SlideShare).

* Airbnb pitch deck. (Pitch Deck Coach, SlideShare).

* Best Pitch Decks. (A site housing the best startup pitch decks including Facebook)

* Tools: Here’s a free pitch template – also check out CapitalPitch and the Sequoia Cap templates.

Advertising campaigns

* 23 Campaigns every startup should run to gain immediate traction. (Juan Martitegui, 500 Startups).

* The ultimate guide to startup pre-launch marketing. (Manish Dudharejia, VentureBeat)

9 ways to hack your growth with Facebook ads. (Andrew Tate, AdEspresso)

* Tip: Watch: Complete guide to running Google Adwords campaigns. (Jerry Banfield, YouTube)

Website copy and value proposition

* 7 Proven templates for writing value propositions that works. (Tor Grønsund, TorGronsund.com)

Fantastic landing page examples that you’ll want to copy. (Lindsay Kolowich, Hubspot)

*  101 resources for writing great copy. (Unknown Author, Column Five Media)

* Tip: Check out the Kopywriting Kourse. (Neville Medhora)

Press releases

* How I pitched Techcrunch and 13 ways to get press when you launch your startup. (Jason Baptiste, JasonLBaptiste.com).

* How to get press for your startup: The complete guide. (Austen Allred, Medium)

* Why most startups don’t ‘get’ press. (Mark Suster, FirstRound)

* Tools: PressKitHeroHeyPress, and Ghacklabs Quotes.

Raising funding

* Pitching hack: It’s not what you said, it’s how you made them feel. (Tyler Crowley, Clarity.fm)

* How to raise money for your startup: Infographic. (Anna Vital, Funders and Founders)

How these early-stage startups got funding pre-MVP. (Luke Fitzpatrick, Ghacklabs)

* Tools: AngelListGustF6s, and Crunchbase.

Patents and legalities

* How to legally structure your startup for success. (Scott Annan, Business Insider).

* 10 big legal mistakes made by startups. (Richard Harroch and Richard N. Frasch, Forbes).

* Legal checklist for startups. (Scott Edward Walker, VentureBeat).

* Tip: Check out startup documents (Y Combinator) and LawPath’s templates.

Social media and early-stage marketing

* How to market a startup with social media. (Luke Fitzpatrick, Ghacklabs)

15 pre-launch growth hacking strategies for startups. (Stuart McKeown, Gleam,io)

* The $0 marketing stack. (Kevan Lee, Buffer)

* Tip: Check out the Foundr Mag free Instagram ebook.

Developing a business model

* The 20 minute business plan: Business Model Canvas. (Alexander Cowan, AlexanderCowan.com)

* 9 Startup business models. (Nina Tomaro, Huffington Post)

* 17 Unique business models. (Lauren Drell, Mashable).

* Tip: See Canvas Examples (by Steve Blank) and check out Canvanizer.

This is a general go-to-guide for new founders with the aim to break startups down by topic, as there’s just way too many things we all have to know. Here is a must-read covering 60 SaaS Statistics That Will Change The Way You Think by Digital Marketing Stream. And, make sure to check out 48 little-known business tools for success.


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