Norwood Systems

It’s no wonder why everyone loves to travel. You get to see new things, sample exotic delicacies and meet interesting people. Norwood is a conveniently cheap way to chat to people when you’re on business or travel.

Imagine, you’ve just landed in Dubrovnik. That beautiful Croatian city that Game of Thrones was filmed in. And, you need to meet someone local, so you pull out your phone and call them.

Later after returning home, you discover that you’ve been charged with a large bill from the telcos.

Or, someone asks for your phone number whilst you’re doing business in America. You tell your American business partner your really long Australian phone number with all of these long international digits and feel embarrassed.

What about if you could plug into a special network that lets you have multiple numbers on the same phone? Without needing to change your SIM card so you can receive calls at normal rates.

You’d save a lot of money by skipping all of those expensive international charges and fees. And instead of feeling ’embarrassed’ you’d feel smart when you meet people on business, and feel like a local.

Another way to think of it is like Skype. You can call people from all over the world at much better call rates. The thing is with Skype, the call quality is by no means perfect.

Norwood has clear calls that are secure for a fraction of international roaming costs. it’s no wonder that in just under a year, the World Phone has been downloaded nearly 5 million times – and is the number one most downloaded travel app in 109 countries.

5.75M has been invested in Norwood’s trademarked World Phone and the company listed on the ASX in 2015 (ASX: NOR). The Motley Fool reports that in December 2015 the share price increased by over 700%, hinting that the international phone roaming charge market will continue to grow.

Informa Telecom estimates that mobile operators bill more than US$55 billion annually in roaming charges. The market is forecast to grow to more than $80 billion by 2018.

Norwood was founded by Paul Ostergaard and David Wilson who saw an immediate gap for businesses looking to make international calls.

Recently, Norwood partnered with Affinion and agreed on a set of commercial terms for white label distribution of Norwood’s telecommunication solutions.

Regarding the partnership, CEO and Founder of Norwood Systems’ Paul Ostergaard, commented:”The Loyalty segment is currently one of the most highly regarded segments of the FinTech space due to the emerging worldwide growth trend for loyalty benefits programs, including those managed and curated by Affinion.”

The new partnership will see Norwood’s World Apps integrated alongside other valuable loyalty program benefits to create compelling packaged loyalty and reward offerings for Affinion’s clients that incorporate innovative digital services enabled by World Phone and World Wi-Fi.


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