Beautiful Forms

Creating a form on Paperform isn’t like a typical form builder. Paperform is sexy, stylish and brilliant.

Forms become part of a larger page that can be edited like the way that you’d edit a Microsoft Word document by adding custom images and text, as well as questions.

Paperform is lightning fast for creating forms, allowing you to get setup in minutes and comes with a free trial (no credit card required).

With Paperform, forms aren’t a just a standalone set of questions. You can theme your Paperform to match brand, it’s shareable, and integrates seamlessly with Social Media and Zapier.

Paperform allows users to easily create customizable forms that take payments, are easy for customers and communities to complete on mobile or desktop.

Examples of Paperform

There isn’t anything on the market quite like it and Paperform delivers all of these features in one hit.

Using Paperform is more like a story. It has a subtle way of ‘hiding’ form elements, keeping users engaged in a narrative like way, telling your story.

The sheer brilliance of Paperform lies within its story-like natureĀ of the form. Users engage in a narrative about a product or service, seeing images of it, and then suddenly start checking boxes.

Users naturally perceive that these are part of the narrative and interact with Paperform to continue the on with the story.


Paperform was founded by Dean Diony McPherson, a couple based in Sydney. Dean is a web developer and is rated as one of the best front-end designers in Australia.

Diony has a background in culture and web content. She comes from a project management position with Google and is passionate about great admin, better processes, and people.

Dean and Diony met as neighbors in student housing, both completing Arts Degrees. Diony has a Bachelor of Ancient History and Archaeology, and Dean, a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Philosophy and Music.

One thing led to another, and they got married. “The best thing about working together is that we are quite similar in a lot of ways, but process things differently,” says Diony.

Dean further adds, “It’s a very complimentary team with extremely unique XP and knowledge-base. It’s also great because our users know we are really in it for the long haul.”

Paperform launched big and was featured on Product Hunt receiving over 1000 votes.


They’ve raised around $50K AUD by promoting the product via an Appsumo deal and has been completely bootstrapped.

Dean says, “We knew we could build a solid core product and drive business without early funding, as between us we have a broad and strong skillset.” Dean is a highly skilled developer with a nose for design and monetization.

The partnership with AppSumo (SumoMe) for launch meant that they could raise enough initial funding to work hard on expanding Paperform’s features.

The team is giving back and has sponsored NYU’s InnoVention Competition alongside big names like Trello, MixMax and has kept business costs much lower than your typical everyday startup.