Hi All,

I am looking to profile Aussie B2B SaaS based companies on the Task Pigeon Blog.

Key requirements are:

  • 1 or more of the Founders must be Aussie
  • Startup must be less than 2 years old
  • Startup must be in the B2B space and sell via a SaaS model (i.e. not a marketplace or service based business)

The post will be featured on https://blog.taskpigeon.co

And in the Startup Soda newsletter www.startupsoda.com.au

As well as across social media channels and our email subscribers >1,500+ (in total)

If you are interested please comment below or email paul@taskpigeon.co with a brief outline of you and your company.


Yes I'm interested Paul. I'm the founder of Valuiza which is a SaaS platform that supports the Australian financial planning industry. My background is financial services and the problem we're solving is to help advisors retain and grow their existing client base plus automate new lead generation based on authentic feedback that their clients provide via our survey functionality. We uniquely connect feedback to their bottom line via lifetime value calculators and also identify the specific areas of client relationships they need to work on and predict what the impact would be if improvements are implemented.

A broader problem we are also addressing is re-balancing the public's view of financial planning. Only 1 in 5 Australian adults use a financial planner despite >90% being concerned about their own financial situation. So we are enabling advisors to capture and amplify the positive experiences that their clients have in order to neutralise negative media coverage and grow the pie for advice so the best advisors are rewarded for their efforts. We also want consumers to be able to connect with the best advisors.