I need 4 more questions to forward to an IG executive in IG's small business division. All questions must pertain to small business usage of IG. Small business, according to the United States Department Of Labor, simply means 499 employees or fewer. Editorially, our site tightens that to mean 250 employees or fewer but often we write stories on what we call mid-size companies (250-499 employees)


4 months ago

Q: Will instagram create a favorites list? I know I always forget the handles of my favorite instagramers and want to stay engaged. What does instagram recommend? A pen and paper?

4 months ago

Q: How is a small business owner, with all the hats they wear recommended to manage a thoughtful instagram story without a planner to visually set the week's posts? My life may not be the story my followers are interested, after all they are following an awesome company.

My Questions:

1) What percentage of SMB's on IG are actually getting direct web traffic from IG? (I think this is really important as a lot of SMB's are still yet to work out how to convert IG interactions to direct traffic / sales leads).

2) How has the recent banning of tools like MassPlanner affected SMB's in terms of web traffic or interaction?

3) What figures do you have on SMB's using "bots" and have you noticed any recent trends?

4) The recent "contact button" that you've installed for any public profiles or companies - what percentage of all SMB's on IG are getting direct leads. What stats do you have on this that you're able to share with us?

5) Have you ever considered creating a free guide to marketing on IG for SMB's to help them market better on Instagram?

6) How many SMB's on IG are using ads? Is this increasing or decreasing? Have you noticed any trends here?

7) For the majority of SMB's, does it actually help them to have an account considered the amount of time that is required to create content?

8) Have you noticed any content trends for SMB's?

9) Is Instagram willing to throw an event (conference) for SMB's?

10) Can you comment on SMB DAU (daily average users) and MAU (monthly average users) statistics? What trends have you noticed?

Name: Luke Fitzpatrick Position: Founder of Ghacklabs Website: http://ghacklabs.com/

Note - Feel free to use any of these questions (with or without my name).