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I'm looking for.

1/ Things that we're doing great. 2/ Things we can improve on.


What we are doing well

Australian Startups mostly support other startups. Top level founders/startup people like Jo Burston, Jane Lu, Gen George etc are relatively easy to access if you go to networking, meetups, join Facebook groups and take or have an active interest in the startup space.

We have some quality ideas and innovative thinkers coming out of the Australian space, our only challenge is finding the right resources and tech talent to deliver on the vision of founders and/or better-equipping founders for the tech journey.

Where Things Can Improve

More early stage help for non-tech founders with great ideas that are original More help for female founders Money being invested into ideas with limited market reach and appeal (business sense!) Greater investment into female founders Greater diversity to create products for all humans Transparency and regulation in the technology industry (similar to what happened to the building industry in 1970 - after that time builders starting building houses and apartments they themselves would live in!) Greater incentive for tech talent to stay in Australia Corporates need to work more closely with startups and not use them for lead generation or their next technology hire Australian startups need to work together/ collaborate/help build ideas so government and corporate come to us first (similar to San Fran)

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Name: Position: Ex, Founder / Consultant / Reporter / Investor URL: