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I’m working on a roundup for and looking for answers to this question: "What's your #1 unconventional tip for starting your own business (i.e. unique tips that ‘buck the trend’ or ‘break all the rules’ but are still incredibly useful)?" We’re not looking for the typical “keep your day job” tips – the more unique and out-of-the-box, the better!

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To be a good entrepreneur firstly you can't follow a pre-written playbook because what works for one may not work for another. So here's where creativity comes into play, sometimes on the verge of being unlawful.

Until you have product market fit, treat it like a project, not a business and definitely not a company. No customer will go looking for your certificate of registration or ABN. No one cares. What people care about is their problems so make sure you solve these first. Sometimes you have to do first, and then apologise and make up for it later. We parked kids bikes outside schools, painted in neon green, with our posters on them. Of course, this was just one experiment and it didn't work as well as we anticipated but we tried it nonetheless. But there are limits to this so be very careful. I am not to be held liable if you get in trouble.

BONUS TIP: If you work in a job you can tolerate then work on your "project" part time. But this is conventional wisdom. Ideally, you want to send off the resignation letter and figure out a way to make revenue really quickly. Your very sustenance is at stake so you'll likely work harder.

BIO: Harshit is the founder of Feastively - the fastest and easiest meal kit in town. With tech, supply chain management and product management backgrounds, he's a bit of a swiss army knife and loves variety in his work. He's an eater, rider, lifter and shooter.


5 months ago

I see growth hackers like skinny me tea Gretta look for trends online. They then build the market via growth hacking and in the meantime find the product in China and fill it.

My number one tip is to "Treat Bankers Like Sluts" -- The answer is money, it's always the money! So if you are going to start your own small business then apply for as many credit cards as possible because they have an introductory rate of 0% for 9-24 months! Invest heavy into business, go for the gusto, if it works then you can refinance with a small business loan based on sales. If the business fails you go get a job, hire an attorney and then negotiate your interest rate down to almost 0% or do a consumer proposal to wipe out the debt. Sure you have bad credit but that is only a short-term problem because you can easily build it back.

5 months ago

Hey James, hope you are well. Given this is a site which will be used for direct quotes. Would you mind saying something like Pay Bankers What You Think They Are Worth? "Sluts" is a really offensive and there are women bankers now too, imagine publishing that in the Australian Financial Review?

Hi Im Shathyan, & My #1 unconventional tip for a Business is;

When you think over to start a Business, just follow it. Your instinct will show you the right direction than hearing others words. Just follow it, Do proper research & ground work before stepping it. The idea will be right, but only by doing proper research, you will get a clear understanding about the market and you will understand on how you can pitch forward for your Business.

Always talk with people who are your potential customer in future & understand them. Know what they are doing, how they are doing, how your business can help them & also mainly are they looking for some kind of solution on what you are going to work on. It is basically you are evaluation your idea well before you start so that you don't feel bad after investing & starting

Don't focus on Money or Expansion initially. Always focus on Customer Satisfaction. Don't worry, even if you have 1 or 2 sales/client. But focus on them and make sure they are happy with your product/service & they come back to you.

Starting a business is all about living the hardest part of your life for a better future. So have the right attitude & positive mindset. Encourage yourself always.

In Simple, The Best Business Idea is - Always believe a Best Business Idea is, Doing what you love and what you’re good at.