If you are a non-tech female founder we've loved to get some quotes from you for our content.

We are looking for quotes on your greatest lesson. Please also submit a photo and we will share on our network.


5 months ago

I'm a non-technical female founder of SquarePeg an HR Tech startup in New York (www.squarepeghires.com). The most important thing for us is having a high level view of how we want to run development, and clear business/strategy goals for each sprint, then reiterating them before any technical discussion. Our high level view might be that we are going for speed, and willing to cut corners, or we are going for quality, and should invest in doing things correctly. Then we will have specific goals, such as user growth, retention, or a specific action. Now when we have a technical discussion or debate - we can frame it, which is the faster approach? Which will lead to our business goal? I might not understand the details, but it is important that the developers can articulate the implications of any approach because it will affect many other aspects of the business.

Tina May
5 months ago

We've had lots of non-technical female founders come along to our 10 day coding bootcamp, not to drive the product development themselves but to understand the fundamentals so that they can talk-the-talk with developers. Would love to provide that perspective or connect you to some of them.

Vlad Calus
5 months ago

Hey! I know exactly who are you searching for. My colleague, Xenia, she is CEO @ Planable. She would really love to share some thoughts with you. Reach her anytime at xenia@planable.io. You can mention, that Vlad, her co-founder recommended her. ;)

5 months ago

That's me! I've owned my business Blue Phoenix Media, Inc. for almost 11 years! We are a marketing and technology company and I am certainly a non-tech female founder!

I'm not technically a non-tech female founder, but I had to ramp up my tech skills significant when I began running my startup, as I was on the business side of software for a long time. I'm working on my 2nd startup now. Happy to share some great lessons if you think they are relevant.