If you are a non-tech female founder we've loved to get some quotes from you for our content.

We are looking for quotes on your greatest lesson. Please also submit a photo and we will share on our network.


Tina May
12 hours ago

We've had lots of non-technical female founders come along to our 10 day coding bootcamp, not to drive the product development themselves but to understand the fundamentals so that they can talk-the-talk with developers. Would love to provide that perspective or connect you to some of them.

Hey! I know exactly who are you searching for. My colleague, Xenia, she is CEO @ Planable. She would really love to share some thoughts with you. Reach her anytime at xenia@planable.io. You can mention, that Vlad, her co-founder recommended her. ;)

9 days ago

That's me! I've owned my business Blue Phoenix Media, Inc. for almost 11 years! We are a marketing and technology company and I am certainly a non-tech female founder!

I'm not technically a non-tech female founder, but I had to ramp up my tech skills significant when I began running my startup, as I was on the business side of software for a long time. I'm working on my 2nd startup now. Happy to share some great lessons if you think they are relevant.