What's the top tip you have for reluctant bloggers? aka Why is blogging necessary -- or is it?

Here's the why: my demo is authors and many a) don't want to market their books b) see marketing as optional and c) claim blogging isn't necessary or takes away from their writing time.)

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My top tip for reluctant bloggers, is to record their thoughts and use fiverr to turn it into blog posts. It's much easier to talk than to write. We know this, and most people don't run out of things to say. To many writers chagrin, you don't have to be a writer to be a blogger. Once you can talk, you can create content. There are resources out there that will turn your words into post after post.

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The toughest thing about blogging is that 1) yes it often takes time away from what you actually want to be doing 2) it's hard to figure out who your audience is and what you should be talking about to pull folks in and 3) understanding SEO and how to use it on your site.

I have been with Ethnotek for over a year, writing content for our blog and we are still learning so much about what brings people into our site, and having to adjust our content strategy accordingly. Knowing about marketing has been essential - if I didn't know the ins-and-outs of digital marketing, the blog would suffer, and thus traffic would suffer.

Hope this helps!

It takes time to build market, I think once you commit to a blog you need to spend at least 90 minutes on a Sunday setting your weekly content. Lazy would be getting a data scraper to scrape a blog you like then fling it into word. edit it and fling it out there.

The issue with authors is they generally have no money to spend on marketing and "think" their book is special. I believe"don't want to market their books", "see marketing as optional", " claim blogging isn't necessary or takes away from their writing time." -- I think these are all excuses they make up because 1) they have no money to market themselves 2) they realize the book they thought was going to sell 10 million copies, only sold 10, and have come down to earth 3) They are too busy working "other" jobs to pay off the "publisher" to write blogs.

Not sure that's going to get you more clients if you publish this, but its the truth!

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Overarching thoughts: Blogging / writing can be a massively beneficial learning tool. By reflecting on, and writing about your ideas / thoughts you gain a far deeper understanding of those ideas. This can help you to develop them further, or to think of different applications.

Blogging for an audience: This can be a great way to connect with your audience, to share some real value in your area of expertise, and to get feedback from that audience on their perspectives. This kind of authentic feedback is gold dust that helps inform your business to better meet market need.

And Just further to Jennifer's comment...

Top tip: A great hack for helping to increase your productivity, and to get started, with blog writing is to use the "Voice Typing" feature on something like Google Docs. Start talking about your idea - do a brain dump or stream of conscious to help you get your idea "out", then go back and edit, edit, edit!

Other Sources: I also wrote an article on this type of subject over on medium, called "Should Founder Blog?" - https://medium.com/@woodwardmatt/should-founders-blog-5620fef13ee1

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The hardest thing about starting a new blog is growing an audience. Everything can feel "futile" until your blog starts to gain momentum, and before that happens, most people give up before it starts to pay off.

To get around this, a better approach for new bloggers could be to guest write on a few blogs before creating their own. Once, people see the value that blogging brings, then they are more incentivized and motivated to give it a go.

Typically for new blogs, it can take easily 6 months or longer to gain an audience. And, unfortunately, a new blog is kind of like "going to the gym." Initially, people are motivated for a short time, then become lazy, and give up. The key to this is "perseverance" - and, I believe if people guest write a few times to gain confidence, plus see the rewards, they're more likely "not to give up."

The other key thing to blogging is marketing. These days, it's not enough to spend hours writing an amazing article, if you're not going to market it. Derek Halpern, from Social Triggers, said: "You should spend 20% of your time producing content, and the other 80% of your time marketing it." Most people have this all backward.

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I'd say that blogging "the lazy way" is by using a voice recorder. Just talk and have someone transcribe and edit it.

I have mixed feelings about sharing this advice because it's a great tip for lazy people and I'm unsure if your demo wants to be seen in that light. Anyway here's the tip: "oEmbed" (you can look that up on Google) is a wonderful lazy way to add tweets to a WordPress blog post. Using oEmbed makes a blog post look full. oEmbeds are also a fast way to add video (via a video tweet) to a blog post. To see how I use oEmbeds, go to: https://techmania411.net/tag/cheddar/