Looking for quotes on sales hacks for cold email outreach (and totally dig really interesting stories).

Make sure to leave in the comments:

Your name. Your position (ex. Founder / VP of Growth etc). Your website URL (so I can link back to you).

Ideally, I'm looking for at least 10-20 quotes.


Check this medium post out. It's not mine and I'm not related in any way with the author, but it's an amazing post. https://medium.com/@dunjalazic/10-cold-email-tips-i-used-to-get-60-000-app-signups-dd928d86ca21#.h0s9l6wzp

5 months ago

When cold emailing a sales prospect I used LinkedIn to filter for alumni of my university, and try to stir up some school pride in the intro (especially during football or basketball season). You can also get their work emails through an alumni directory rather than a LinkedIn message. Claire McTaggart Founder, SquarePeg www.squarepeghires.com