I'm writing an article for TechInvest, and it will be republished in the AFQ Quarterly.

I'd like to quote people on trends that are happening right now in Australia.

For quotes, please let me know what your position is (ex. Founder of Startup Name, or Angel Investor etc) and what's your website URL. So we can make sure to link back to you.



Australia will see an increase in female founders of startups over the course of 10 years.

Leaving aside that US female founders in 2017 flatlined at 17% and in Australia, we are seeing only a slow increase in female founders starting up, it's predicted that female-led startups will increase over the next 10 years based on emerging markets.

This trend is already showing movement with females leaving corporate to startup or joining platforms like Expert 360 to gain greater flexibility in managing work and home life.

In addition, economists are predicting an economic shift in who owns the purse strings in business and life with females predicted to be the next billion in emerging markets.

Inherited wealth is one of the reasons for economists predicting a large shift, with our baby boomer generation retiring (and women traditionally outliving men) women will inherit assets and wealth. As the baby boomer market is a large social change magnet, we will see greater investment and support for female founders with downstream investment.

It is expected that this shift will create new markets dominated by women and also determine how new markets come about via startups.

In order to capture the emerging markets, women need to step up in the technology space, learn tech, learn how to manage a development team and also build confidence across the board to really own their business and drive growth.

Christie Whitehill Founder & CEO Tech Ready Program http://techreadyprogram.com Hatching Lab http://www.hatchinglab.com

"I'm an entrepreneur and a Mum, and every second Mum I run into is doing something entrepreneurial. The march of the Mumpreneur is palpable - at my kids' school alone, 2 Mum entrepreneurs were amongst the recently announced Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow winners. And that's just one school community. I see this as not only a "startup trend" but as a social trend, as Dads take on more home responsibilities, freeing up Mums to explore their entrepreneurial dreams."

  • Sharon Melamed, Managing Director of Matchboard, founded in 2012, an award-winning B2B matching platform now with 2000+ clients, operating in Australia and the UK; recipient of Austrade EMDG grant and winner in Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow www.matchboard.com.au

Thank you Sharon : )

"Startup accelerators are the new technology incubators. This time, they invest in the startups that pass a highly rigorous selection process, rather than charging them to participate. Time will tell how successful they will be, as that will depend on the depth of the underlying startup and technology talent we really have in Australia. But, with 28 such programs today (compared to the three that we started with in 2011), I am highly optimistic about Australia's entrepreneurial future". Adrian Stone, who cofounded AngelCube (angelcube.com - Melbourne's first startup accelerator) in 2011.

Thank you, Adrian. Will give you a sneak peak at the draft once it's done.

Startup Culture and the Disruption of the Accounting Industry

"As much as the big firms wouldn't like to admit it, the bulk of current revenue will be automated out of door in oncoming years - tax compliance, bookkeeping, even auditing will be handled by much more resilient, accurate, efficient AI.

Accounting firms are (or will be) responding in kind by merging their services into other emerging advisory paths - indeed the accountant of the future will be seen more as a business coach, accelerator, financial analyst or even a grant & financing expert.

The benefits here are obvious - instead of billing on the plaid measure of someone's time (>$300/hr for a partner?), accountants will instead make their living based on the actual value that they bring to one's business. Expect pay on performance, equity plans and SAFE agreements in play as businesses enact lean startup methodology.

As regulators and institutions play catch up, the accounting firms in innovation mode stand to make the most benefit - and the agile businesses of the future are voting with their patronage."

Stuart Reynolds Partner at Fulllstack Advisory. www.fulllstack.com.au

Thank you, Stuart. Do you expect that startups will outsource CFO roles to accountant, do it in-house, or create their own AI to partially automate taxation, tax claims and payroll?

The bulk of startups will use specialist CFOs specific to the startup industry - whom can advise them on grants, on financial modelling, on the correct setup of their accounts, whom can do dashboard reporting and prepare them for negotiations and contracts.

The rest of the tasks like bookkeeping & tax returns will be coded out by the accounting systems with intelligent AI, with human intervention only required on novel transactions. Alternatively, accounting systems will make these tasks so simplistic that an intelligent bootstrapping founder could master these in a small amount of time. You'll see this more and more with the development of software like Xero and SBR reporting (which is created to streamline communications between business and the ATO).