Putting together a post for the Task Pigeon Blog where I am looking to interview Startup Founders & CEO's on productivity hacks they use each day.

Will include photo of Founder or Application/Site and link back. quote needs to be 2 - 5 sentences long. If you can reference software/applications you use that would also be a bonus.

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I am a one person company at this stage, running my platform for full time from last 5 months now. So, tools come to my rescue considering there is only so much I can do. As a founder of a tech platform, following helps me on a daily basis -

  1. Saves time in any research - Google & Stackoverflow.com
  2. Marketing - Sumome (mainly the list builder, welcome mat), Customer.io (event driven mailers), Buffer (social scheduling) and screentogif
  3. Sales - Hunter.io and Customer.io again & many chrome extensions - color picker, page capture and zest.is

For a startup to remain productive, it's crucial to actually track things and look at ways to improve your efficiency. There are only so many things you can get done in a day.

We use a variety of productivity tools such as:

  • MixMax: To format emails by adding in more design, create email templates and you can even create surveys right inside your Gmail account.
  • Hunter.io: To get email addresses for people we are looking to connect with and you can download a Chrome extension that allows you to get email addresses from LinkedIn (however, it's been reported that LinkedIn will be soon stopping this function).
  • SimilarWeb: Shows you the web traffic statistics of any website (very handy especially if you're about to jump on a call with someone).
  • Rapportive: This sits inside Gmail, and shows you a person's LinkedIn profile.
  • Task Pigeon: To manage daily tasks, keep track of things and stay focussed.

On top of this, we also try to use the 'zero inbox' policy and try to get our inboxes down a few times per week. However recently, it's been much harder to achieve as we just launched our free PR platform last week.

Luke Fitzpatrick, Founder of Ghacklabs Website: http://ghacklabs.com/

#Note: Feel free to reword any things or ask any questions : )

As a means of keeping a running journal on our startup firm's progress we having been using Evernote with much success over the past 437 days.

Was previously a die-hard fan of the paperback diary but escorting the paper pad to every meeting (along with my laptop) became such a drag. Having scratchy cursive writing doesn't help when reviewing notes after a meeting.

Basically our evernote pages read like this - create one page with your year's goals at the top, followed by your ten task for the days, followed by meeting notes for the day, followed by random brainstorm notes afterwards.

When your day is done simply duplicate the day and update as per necessary. Ultimately, the Evernote experience is different for everyone, so let your own creativity drive its effectiveness for you and never lose track of a great idea again.

I use this to shortcut through all the tools for startups. https://www.recomazing.com/home.

As a writer, I use grammarly, SEMRush, MOZ, Google Adwords and my fingers (the greatest hacks of all typing into Google as you would if you were a buyer) to find keywords and growth hacks I use the methods in Canva blog hack https://blog.bufferapp.com/blog-growth-tactics which also uses other tools.

Project management wise, my clients use everything Basecamp, Slack, Asana, Podio, excel (for editorial schedule), Trello.

I use Facebook to communicate with some clients and of course we all use Google docs for shared content in the writing world.

And I use Fiverr for anything I don't want to do like interview transcribing etc.

I set reminders with Siri all the time, but I don't like that every one also has an alarm time automatically set. My todo list app, 2Do, has separate options for a due date and an alarm time. To fix this, I have an Inbox smart list with the search "Siri type: !duetoday AND alarms" which collects all these new reminders from my "Siri" list. I can then use this Inbox to easily remove the alarms.

This is a great tip, I'm going to start using this one. I use Siri to send text. It failed once. She sent a text to my colleague saying "there's maneaters going tonight" when it should have read - some investors! Very embarrassing. Emma

Grammarly has been a great time saver for us. Our business has to converse via many different mediums so have Grammarly sitting there as a plugin is enormously helpful. Quite simply it continuously checks everything I write online and makes sure of the spelling and grammar is correct. It has caught me out twice just writing this comment!

Big fan of Grammarly too.

As the owner of a small business with staff working from home, I have found Trello to exceptionally useful. I can communicate and project manage multiple tasks with multiple people from my team without limitation. The platform was also surprisingly easy to get started on. For quick and easy chat throughout the day we also use Facebook Messenger to keep things fun and engaging.

I saw that Trello recently was sold recently I wonder how it will affect users http://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/news/2017/01/09/productivity-app-trello-sold-for-425-million.html