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Looking at writing an article about how startups use social media to enhance their marketing efforts. Not looking to know about tools necessarily although happy for you to mention them - more looking at the growth hack strategies or communication strategies that you used social media to help deliver.

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Social Media is a very great tool for Businesses. But it will vary for each industry & also with each platform. For a B2C industry, like Amazon, LinkedIn might not work as well as compared with Facebook or Twitter. But the same for B2B Industry, LinkedIn work very well compared to Facebook.

So it all depends on each industry & how well you tap the audience in it.

Im with a Fashion ecommerce industry, and the best things which work for us is Instagram & Facebook. We have many people around the globe who talk about their shopping, product reviews, sharing their photos with the products they bought etc all over Social Media. So we track these post which are made & reach out to people based on their post.

We use tools like Mention, Hootsuite where we can track the social post based on the keywords we provide. So that will be useful for us to know where & which person is talking about & what he is talking about. So we can reach them personalized way accordingly & ask them to give a try with us with some incentives.

I am single founder , bootstrapping my company UX Hack for some time. Here's is how I am gaining users for my crowdsourcing platform purely based on growth hacking tactics - a. Social Media Commenting on contextual posts Most of my organic conversions has happened because of commenting/answering on relevant questions on Quora, posts on Facebook groups and posts by Linkedin connections/3rd and blogs on Medium - the more likes I am able to get, the more traffic it helps to the site.

b. Second tactic for me has been posting some original content and sharing links on relevant Facebook groups. The normal wall posts haven't worked that great.

c. A third tactic which helped me was to involve some student marketers for free (for India it works, since most are <2 yrs of work) and ask them to research and write original content on the platform and share it on their network. So they were motivated as it was not ghost writing but their name was going out.

Let me know in case you need any more information.

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Social media is only a tool to let people evaluate if they what to explore what you offer., but in the end, it all comes down to the same approach that has been used for as long has commerce as been around. What they read does it give them a sense of trust and what hey need to to make an informative decision and who has used what is offered and in most cases do not want to hear from the one that is happy, but the one that had problems and how they were resolved. It not when things go right you have to worry about, but when they go wrong and they do go wrong more than they go right. Especially if they do a good jib of marketing. Only to find out they cannot handle the demand. How they handle the demand can means the difference between growing and going out of business.

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