Property Developer HQ

Have you noticed that real estate prices are really high? There are plenty of startups in the property space – usually focussing on home loan deals, renting and buying. Property Developer HQ wants to reinvent the way you buy property.

Imagine you want to purchase a property in Sydney – one of the most expensive places in the world to live. It’s really hard to buy property when you consider that the average price is $845,000.

That’s way too expensive, and a lot of Sydneysiders struggle to buy property in Sydney. It also makes it harder to invest – when you consider things like personal liquidity.

To make matters worse, it doesn’t look like property prices are going down anytime soon. In fact, prices have increased 13 percent. This doesn’t leave much room for homebuyers.

But what about if there was another way to invest in property?

Property Development HQ (PDHQ) is something new. Instead of buying property by yourself, you can buy it in a group.

Another way to look at PDHQ is comparing it to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Joeycrowd. People join together to support causes or pre-buy products in a crowd.

Property Developer HQ wants to redefine the whole property buying experience. PDHQ lets you invest in property together and create passive income safely.

It gives you back control and certainty before investing your money so you can focus on the things you love.

So far, PDHQ has been self-funded by Founder Roy Nassar. And, last week received a $30,000 Government Grant by Jobs NSW.

The team is in the process of raising additional funding and has just begun fundraising. Next week, PDHQ will commence in a series of pitches – It’s first stop, CapitalPitch.

The property buying sector represents a $100B opportunity, with more than 1.8M real estate investors in Australia.

When Nassar moved to Australia four years ago, he was working in real estate, within his first week of arrival. He worked as an assistant, later moving into sales where he won several awards.

Nassar became a buyer’s agent and witnessed the pain that property investors experience – and decided to do something about it. That’s when Property Developer HQ was born. You could think of it like ‘a dating site for real estate investors.’

The Australian team is based in Victoria, NSW, and QLD. They plan to address the $100B property market, changing the way that people buy and invest in property.

I’ll leave you with the inspirational words from Nassar: “Greatness has the intestinal fortitude to step up – just go for it!”


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