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There’s an old saying – “a goal that’s not written down is just a wish” and it holds to be true. If you fall into that quote, not to worry! This Brisbane startup Squirrel has set out to help you fully achieve your goals by putting them into practical action.

What’s on your bucket list?

Squirrel is an app that lets you discover and build your bucket list goals in life. There’s no real limit to scope or scale, you can create whatever you want to achieve.

When you’ve got your goals down pat, you can set a budget amount and divvy up your savings towards your buckets. Squirrel aims to bring bucket lists and budgeting together in one place – so you can stay on track, on budget and on time.

squirrel app

Founded by Amanda Andrews and Andrew Kiel. The first iteration of the app was tested in the AU App Store in September 2016 and has now been refitted for an international audience, launching globally with a fresh update and design.

“We received a great response to Squirrel, reaching #1 in our category just 5 months after launching was very confirming – there’s a real hunger for a complete solution to bucket listing to help us organise and ultimately achieve our goals, whatever they may be!”

Squirrel aims to lift the lid on the preconceptions of a Bucket List as Amanda expressed. “Everyone is different with their own unique goals big or small. We wanted to build an app that can handle any type of goal and we feel we’ve done that well.”

Amanda said they were amazed at the variety of what’s on people’s bucket lists (when they share them), from new homes to new boobs – and everything in between!

“Whether you’re looking to try something new, indulge a little or a lot, renovate your space, drive that new car, or simply get the family budget under control, Squirrel can help you build, plan and ultimately … achieve it – which is where the real joy is!” Andrews said.

Squirrel is a three-person core team, partnered with a local app dev team, all based in Brisbane Queensland.

Squirrel App Team

Squirrel is now available in the AUS App Store – soon to launch to over 85 countries with version 2. Be first to know by following their Facebook page


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