Tamir Vigder

At a young age, Tamir Vigder’s family made a bold decision to leave Israel. Concerned with their family’s well-being and safety, his parents chose to relocate to Australia for a fresh start.

The Startup Genome Project ranks Tel Aviv as the fifth largest tech hub in the world. Given the popularity of startups in Israel, Vigder was already working on some personal projects prior to his arrival in Australia.

Israel Startup Scene
Image Source: Wired

Vigder entered Australia, with high hopes to make it big in the Australian startup scene. The timing couldn’t have been better.

Organizations like Startup Australia, BlueChilli, Pollenizer and 25 Fifteen had been championing Australia as a tech hub, nudging the Australian Government to do something about it.

With the innovation movement in the back setting, a growing startup culture developing in Australia – Vigder made all efforts to put himself out there despite being 16 years old. He was on the lookout for a role model, a mentor-like figure to teach and guide him.

He received a personal introduction to Brad Shofer and immediately pounced on the opportunity. After chatting to Shofer by email a few times, they met in person and Shofer agreed to mentor young Vigder.

At the age of 17, Tamir Vigder founded a growth hacking agency called “Tukushor” – and here’s the catch, Tukushor does not have a website. All business is done by word-of-mouth referrals … making it extremely hard to get in contact with young Tamir.

Recently, Australian home loan disruptor Hashching announced a growth hacking contest. Vigder won, and worked on executing a growth hack dubbed “The Big Short.”

Movie Parody
Image Source: Pheonix News

It was a movie parody viewed over 500,000 times converting $7M in sales transactions overnight – banking Hashching approximately $140,000 in profit. The YouTube video has been since removed offline.

Vigder, in his final year of high school, and has helped startups in both Sydney and America including CapitalPitch, ROCeteerMyPizza and dozens more.

Tamir Vigder plans to move to the States after he finishes high school in Australia and launch a stealth project.

All eyes have been on this young kid to see what he will do next. Will teen Tamir Vigder become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Sean Parker?

Ghacklabs Exclusive: Tamir has personally allowed us to ‘temporarily’ publish his email address in case any reporter’s or startups want to get in touch with him for questions. We will be removing his email address tomorrow. This is the first time ever he’s email address has been made available. Here it is: tamirvigder@gmail.com


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