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Look, it’s been a long time coming, and the whole hospitality industry needs a shakeup. There are plenty of players in the food & drink space, especially in Sydney. Tayble wants to redefine the way you dine.

Imagine walking into a restaurant or bar. You sit down and take a seat. What happens next?

You wait.

But what if you could head on over to your favorite bar or eatery, take a seat and open up the Tayble app?

You can check out the menu, food & drink specials, order your favorite meal, split the bill, and leave at your convenience. Oh did I mention, you can add to your order at any time?

Another way to think of it is like ‘Uber.’ Instead of ordering a car, you order your dinner and drinks with your friends, right from your smartphone, or tablet.

Tayble wants to redefine the whole eating-out casual drink experience, and this doesn’t stop at ordering at your table. You can post reviews about the meals and venues too.

Following a successful pilot with 10 restaurants in Sydney, Tayble is now enabling the app at the 190 Sydney venues on their waitlist. With 50 venues going live before summer, if you’re in Sydney, you’ll soon be seeing Tayble everywhere you eat and drink.

The competitors range from menu apps like HeyYou who process more than 13,000 transactions daily  – to user recommendation sites like Yelp – and MenuLog, a food delivery app. Tayble aims to be the go-to app, for casual food & drinks.

Tayble makes money by charging a small transaction fee to businesses for the ease of the Tayble-tech.

Restaurant owners can reduce staffing costs, balance the till with incorrect orders and of course limit the time that you have to wait. Venues can pre-register and be one of the first to offer Tayble service here

Tayble is currently working in the Lion Unleashed startup accelerator program, in conjunction with Slingshot. Tayble is hopeful that they will be able to work with Lion to leverage their vast network of venues.

Tayble received a pre-seed investment of $350K from a Radio Station Network in America, and, the head of a retail chain. The team chose to not disclose the names of these investors.

Early 2017, Tayble raised a $550K investment from Bluebird Capital Club, Melbourne Angels, the Director of WiseTech, and various other high network individuals (HNW’s).

On top of the $900K capital that was previously raised, Tayble is getting ready to close an additional round of $1.2M – with just $150K left to close. The funding will be used to fuel growth throughout Sydney and open up the Melbourne market.

Co-founders Phil Tran, Ben Burns and Chris McCarney are extremely proud of the team and are excited to continue their mission to create the type of service you never knew you needed.

Tayble App

The founding team first me at The Entourage, a business education organization, and have worked together previously. The team launched DealzTap in 2016, before pivoting to Tayble.


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